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   Radio interview about the 1st album--(dialogue only)---4 minute download on DSL

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  Coolest Webcam in the (known) Universe!
     Either a live video feed from the International Space Station,(VERY cool)
     or--some boring static footage of boring static people,behind boring static desks,
     in Mission Control/Houston,or Kazakhstan

   Where Ya From?

   The Life--------------A Year in The Life--Film Revuez--High Culture


   The Cate Brothers Band----Blue-Eyed Soul--They're The $#!+!

    I've learned The Cates are Unofficially Retired,so not much happening on their site. They're STILL The $#!+!


   Oreo Blue------------------Proof that Brand Loyalty is a reality

   Children Calling Home--------------------Rockin' In Praise

    Isn't there a Bible verse about 'Hiding your light under a bushel'....?


   Guitar Dating Do's and Don'ts

    Not just for Gibsons ANYMORE!!   Detailed,accurate info on Vintage Instruments--

    My G&L Registry page

   35,000 Year-Old Guitars---------------------Pre-CBS...? 



Marci Mitchell Band-------- ____ Years and Counting---

Reports from The Road

  This began as a running record of the MMB project--
As time went on,it became impossible to keep it up,
due,in equal parts,to lack of Internet access,
lack of tangible news,and yes--lack of effort.
However,if you haven't seen it before,
it's an interesting surf....

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